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DIY/Joint Venture

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DIY/Joint Venture

Billabong Shade has successfully guided many DIY shade projects in Australia and around the world in such diverse locations as France, USA, Italy, New Caledonia, Holland, Morocco and Spain.  Wherever you are we can help with your project be it domestic or commercial situation we see all projects as "Joint Ventures".

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The steps you have to take to ensure success....meeghan arizona 4

1. Plan your shade project - What do you wish to achieve?
2. Design your shade - What design works best for you?
3. Measure the area - What are your minimum requirements?
4. Email your notes from 1, 2 and 3 above to Billabong Shade.

We can talk and walk you through each and every step to shade project success.  Part of our job is to ensure you get the very best deal that produces the outcome you are seeking... It is known as Customer Satisfaction.  Our business is based on achieving the highest level of Customer Satisfaction.  Sure they are just 'words' but for us it is reality.  You won't find us running big advertising campaigns (or even small ones) simply because our happy clients are our very best "advertisements".....  they are the ones who have kept Billabong Shade growing since 1995. Your DIY project is as important to us as it is to you. tassie diy

A Note about Pre-made Shade Sails
While pre-made shade sails have improved in recent years, the quality cannot be compared to a custom-made shade sail.  Certainly the look and longevity of pre-made sails does not come close.  The manufacturers lack the expertise to make shade sails correctly, often using inferior components.  Shops selling pre-made sails can also give misleading installation instructions; simply because they don't know any better.  Even very well-experienced professional shade sail installers have difficulty making a pre-made shade sail look good.

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