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Tensioned Membranes

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Tensioned Membranes
“Tensioned Membrane” is commonly used to describe a sail or structure using a solid waterproof PVC or PTFE fabric as opposed to a shade sail or shade structure using HDPE permeable fabrics.  Billabong Shade has extensive experience in the design and installation of waterproof PVC and PTFE composite membranes.  Due to the unique versatility of the fabric, many applications where a weatherproof area is required a tensioned membrane could be the ideal solution.  Solid PVC fabrics require more anchor point strength than shade cloth and we pay particular attention when the client is considering anchoring to existing structures such as brick or timber structures.

 *A point to note; very few domestic houses have the adequate strength to resist the loads generated by the average PVC sail.

lt collins streetThe next step is to visualise the final design and how it will work with the proposed area.  We achieve this with our drafting team creating a computer aided drawing and a budget estimate for client approval. Structural engineering should be undertaken to ensure the design meets building and wind codes for the region and the membrane selection is appropriate for surface area between anchor points.         

*If the client requires Building/Planning Permits, they can be  submitted at this stage.

Billabong Shade can also provide pre-engineered modular membrane structures in a range of sizes and shapes; very popular for cafes and outdoor dinning areas for their ease of installation and cost.  No matter what product you decide to purchase, our quality in material selection and workmanship will guarantee your satisfaction.

 Architectural Tensioned Fabrics (solid)

PVC composite membranes vary greatly in thickness, finish and quality – the better ones will have an expected lifespan of 6 to 20 years.  Billabong Shade uses only the very best quality fabrics to ensure complete long-term client satisfaction.gt cafe homebush


    VALMEX® MEHATOP  is a membrane made of multi-layer composite material with low wick yarns in the carrier fabric.  PVDF paints (MEHATOP F) developed by Mehler Texnologies are used for surface paintings.  They refine the material and protect it long-term with a twofold paint layer. This is why VALMEX® MEHATOP F-Membrane maintains its unique appearance even under extreme climate conditions and over long periods.


HIRAOKA 104T is designed for use on a range of light structural applications such as modular, tents, pavilions, exhibition structures, umbrellas and small tension structures.  12 colors of translucent fabrics and white block-out fabric are available.  The technical excellence of the HIRAOKA 104T is backed by a 10 year warranty for usage in normal conditions.  


mont albert 2Ferrari Preconstraint® 502 With a unique range of 30 colours, Precontraint® 502 textiles enable the most varied solutions.  Their qualities are best exploited in light structures within the field of solar protection.  They can be used whenever total waterproofing and excellent resistance to soiling is required.

Ferrari Preconstraint® 702 Precontraint® 702 is used for large sails and framed structures, tents, and marquees. It is a heavy-duty fabric that is available as a blockout fabric as well as translucent.

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